Fruit Tarts

Plums, peaches, cherries, blueberries and more are delicious fillings for buttery, flaky tarts. For an unconventional twist, we love embellishing the crust with pistachios, and topping the tart with a drizzle of chestnut honey or a dollop of passion-fruit cream. One of our favorite summertime treats is a white peach tart [], prepared with plenty of ripe, juicy peaches and a puffy, cake-like crust. For an easy alternative to apple pie, Jacques Pépin's fail-safe tart is our seasonal go-to. The dough from this recipe can be used with almost any firm fruits, such as pears, peaches, apricots or plums. Find these recipes and more in Food & Wine's guide to fruit tarts.

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Sour Cherry Tart with Almond Frangipane
This irresistible tart takes full advantage of the affinity between tangy sour cherries and rich, nutty frangipane. A sprinkle of toasted almonds on top adds a welcome dose of crunch. It’s essential to seek out sour cherries for this tart, whether they’re fresh, frozen, or jarred. Serve the tart with your choice of unsweetened whipped cream, crème fraiche, or vanilla ice cream—or all by its glorious self.
Meyer Lemon Tart
Rating: Unrated
Learn how to make star chef Ludo Lefebvre's French lemon tart.    Slideshow: More Lemon Tart Recipes 
Berry Vinegar Tart
In this clever riff on lemon pie, Food & Wine’s Laura Rege fills a crunchy graham cracker crust with a sweet and tangy curd made with blackberry vinegar, fresh raspberries and a hint of virgin coconut oil. It’s ideal for anyone who enjoys a dessert with some pucker. Slideshow: More Pie and Tart Recipes 
Raw Berry Tart with Coconut Cream
Rating: Unrated
Chef Angèle Ferreux-Maeght’s nutty tart, made with almond flour and hazelnuts, is the perfect dessert for a late-summer dinner party because there’s no oven required. Sweet, gooey dates hold the crust together, and the entire dish can be prepared a day in advance and pulled out of the fridge right before you eat. Slideshow: More Pie and Tart Recipes 
Tarte Tatin with Vanilla Ice Cream
Learn how to make an easy French apple pie, Tarte Tatin, in this recipe by star chef Ludo Lefebvre. For a step-by-step video guide to this classic French dessert,  click here.   Slideshow: More Fruit Pie and Tart Recipes 
Tangerine Curd Tart
Rating: Unrated
Food & Wine’s Kay Chun makes this beautiful, sunny-yellow tart for special occasions. It’s a standout because she makes the rich and silky curd with fresh tangerine and lemon juices for the perfect balance of tangy and sweet. Slideshow: More Pie and Tart Recipes 

More Fruit Tarts

Apple-Ginger Crostata
Rating: Unrated
Food & Wine's Justin Chapple makes quick work of a simple apple crostata by using a sheet of store-bought puff pastry as the base. To give the apples a little boost of flavor, he tosses them with lemon juice and fresh ginger, then brushes the finished tart with apricot preserves.Slideshow: Fruit Pies & Tarts
Lemon Tarts
The classic lemon tart has plenty of versions to savor, with creamy lemon curd and sweet fruit additions.

Country Apple Galette

Rating: 4 stars

Jacques Pépin loves to serve this delicate apple tart as a buffet dessert, since it's beautiful, easy to slice and simple to eat, pizza-style, while standing. The miraculously easy and versatile pastry dough comes together in a food processor in less than 20 seconds and can be filled with all sorts of fruits or vegetables. Because the tart is free-form, the pastry can be rolled into either a round or a rectangle.Recipes from Essential Pépin by Jacques Pépin. Copyright © 2011 by Jacques Pépin. Reproduced by permission of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. All rights reserved. Delicious Apple Pies