I'm a salt fiend, even—or especially—when it comes to sweets. Perhaps it's because I don't have much of a sweet tooth that I crave the contrast. Whatever the reason, one of my favorite candies ever is Béquet Gourmet Caramel's vanilla butter caramel with sea salt (I predict I'll also be loving the Bozeman, Montana company's new chocolate-caramel with sea salt, which my colleague Kristin Donnelly tried earlier today at the Fancy Food Show, a trade show in New York City, and told me was excellent). I also love the Fondente con Sale el Himalaya (dark chocolate bar with Himalayan sea salt) by S.A.I.D. ($6 for 7 oz at DiPalo; 212-226-1033), a superb chocolate company out of Rome that you'll be reading more about in our September issue. Another amazing sweet-salty Italian confection I'll keep in rotation is L'Artigiano's Finissimo al Latte al Sale Dolce, an ultracreamy milk chocolate bar with a nice kick of sea salt.