Chocolate Pudding

Decadent, creamy chocolate pudding is one of our favorite desserts to enjoy all year round. We love to top our pudding off with a dollop of whipped cream and chocolate shavings, but adding candied ginger, bourbon caramel sauce or cayenne pepper can quickly give this childhood favorite a touch of sophistication. One of our favorite takes on chocolate pudding is chef Gavin Kaysen's version, which he serves with cinnamon-sugar brioche croutons and homemade whipped cream. The pudding gets a flavor boost from instant espresso powder, and it's a truly fantastic dessert. Whether you're looking for a simple sweet or an elegant dessert, F&W's guide to chocolate pudding has a recipe for every occasion.

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Chocolate Pudding Recipes
Take your pick from any one of our variations of chocolate pudding. Recipes include a dark-chocolate pudding with candied ginger, a silky double-chocolate pudding, a Mayan chocolate pudding spiced with ground habanero chiles and more.
Milk-Chocolate Cremoso with Espresso Parfait
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Although Miamians are assumed to be too bathing-suit conscious to indulge in dessert, this decadent milk-chocolate cremoso (a silky pudding-like dish) drizzled with olive oil is one of chef Michael Schwartz's best-sellers. "Some people are like, 'Whoa...olive oil and chocolate?'" Schwartz says. "But the olive oil reinforces the richness of the cremoso. As if you need any more richness." Beautiful Desserts