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Bread pudding is our favorite way to turn stale bread into a savory strata or delicious dessert. For sweet bread pudding, we love adding fruit and caramel, or for a more savory spin, leeks, spinach and mozzarella. One of our best bread pudding recipes uses croissants instead of standard bread, which is mixed with vanilla bean–infused milk and chocolate, and served with ice cream. The croissants provide a richness that go beyond basic bread pudding, and the chocolaty custard is impossibly decadent. For an easy, summery strata, toss small slices of baguette with zucchini, onion and tomatoes for a light, colorful side dish. Whether you're looking for dinner or dessert, Food & Wine's guide to bread pudding has a recipe for every occasion.

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Guava and Cheese Bread Pudding
Bey and Jay. PB&J. Platano con salami. They're all iconic duos and pastry chef Paola Velez has one more to add to the canon: guava and cheese. This classic flavor combo takes a star turn in a dessert that Velez describes as "if flan and bread pudding had a baby, and it's delicious." This particular budin de pan recipe—which Velez calls "history in a bowl"—originated with Velez's husband's 101-year-old grandmother, and features a lavish custard made with what might seem like an excess of evaporated milk, but makes for an utterly dreamy texture in the final product. Mastering the homemade caramel portion calls for some close attention and meticulous stirring—Velez notes that even one undissolved grain of sugar may cause the whole mass to solidify—but the reward is sweet and filled with plenty of tropical vibes, especially if you opt for chopped mango on top.
Brioche Bread Pudding
Around the holidays, master baker Eli Zabar uses rich brioche bread for this incredibly simple, shuffle-like bread pudding. Zabar likes to serve it with his favorite jam or stewed seasonal fruit, but it’s also great with a drizzle of maple syrup.Slideshow: Breakfast Breads
Chocolate Bread Pudding
This warm, rich and chocolatey bread pudding from Andrew Zimmern is a great crowd-pleasing dessert for the Holiday season. Slideshow:  Delicious Bread Pudding Desserts 
The Richest, Gooiest Chocolate Bread Pudding Ever
This soft, warm bread pudding from Andrew Zimmern is super-chocolatey and rich—a perfect match with vanilla or coffee ice cream.
Bread Pudding Desserts
Ooey, gooey bread pudding is one of our favorite desserts. Here, a collection of delicious versions including berry-brioche and dulce de leche.
Warm Milk-Chocolate Croissant-Bread Pudding
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Chef Roger Freedman created this indulgent recipe almost by accident: “I was making bread pudding and ran out of bread. I happened to have day-old croissants on the shelf, so I thought I’d give them a try. It turned out the croissants added a richness that bread wouldn’t have.” Freedman folds the pastries into a chocolate custard mixed with bits of chopped milk chocolate, then bakes everything in one big dish. Slideshow:  More Bread Pudding Desserts 

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Pumpkin Pie-Croissant Pudding
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Bakers make traditional diplomat pudding with soaked ladyfingers or cake baked with fruit and custard. In this take, Frédéric Morin likes using the leftover croissants from Niemand Bakery. He says he always buys too much of everything ("Ask my wife," he says, "I even buy too many T-shirts"), so he created this simple recipe for using up his leftovers. More Pumpkin Recipes
Pumpkin Pie Bread Pudding with Bourbon-Pecan Hard Sauce
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These creamy pumpkin bread puddings are baked in pie dishes so they’re like a hybrid dessert; the lattice top is actually made of strips of butternut squash. Slideshow: Perfect Pumpkin Desserts