Banana Pudding

Banana pudding is one of our favorite desserts, and is typically made by layering vanilla custard with cookies and sliced bananas. For a super-traditional version, this banana pudding, with a generous topping of fluffy meringue, is one of our go-tos. Classic Nilla Wafers are used here, along with a creamy vanilla pudding and plenty of bananas. Or take this dessert in a completely different direction with this maple-bourbon banana pudding cake, which sounds impressive, yet is deceptively simple. While the cake bakes, a sweet, sticky sauce forms at the bottom of the pan. Maple syrup, pecans, brown sugar and bourbon add incredible flavor, and a scoop of vanilla ice cream will send your dinner guests over the edge. Whether you're a banana pudding purist or like to mix things up, Food & Wine's guide has a recipe for every occasion.