Sweet Potato Pie

Sweet potato pie is a Thanksgiving staple, made with sweet potatoes, milk, eggs, nutmeg and plenty of sticky, sugary marshmallow topping. To update this southern classic and give it a sophisticated twist, try a cornmeal crust, a garnish of meringue or a drizzle of red-wine caramel. One of our favorite takes on sweet potato pie adds bittersweet chocolate to the filling with a generous dollop of cinnamon-bourbon whipped cream. Whether you're looking for a fail-proof holiday dessert or a delicious dish for your leftover sweet potatoes, Food & Wine's guide to sweet potato pies has a recipe for any occasion.

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Sweet Potato Honey Beer Pie
Sweet potatoes are on a monthly rotation in my household; even my dog, Snoopy, loved them. The different components of the pie can be prepared on different days. Here’s a suggested order of steps you might find useful, especially if you make this for Thanksgiving. Day 1: Roast sweet potatoes, reduce the beer, and prepare the pie crust, but don’t blind bake (partially bake). Day 2: Blind bake the pie crust, prepare the sweet potato custard, and bake the pie. Of course, you can also do this all in one day.
Sweet-Potato Pie with Cornmeal Crust
Tara Jensen makes remarkable pies like this one with vegetables she grows herself. Slideshow:  Thanksgiving Pies and Tarts 
Sweet-Potato Meringue Pie
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This sweet-potato pie looks like a pumpkin pie, but the filling is actually made with sweet potato. Slideshow: More Delicious Pies and Tarts Plus: Ultimate Thanksgiving Guide 
Sweet Potato Tart with Red Wine Caramel
Pastry chef Michael Laiskonis is always looking for new ways to use his awesome red wine caramel. Made with just sugar, water and wine, it’s delicious with apple tarts, chocolate cake, even cheese. Here it dresses up a creamy sweet-potato pie spiced with ginger and cinnamon. Laiskonis likes to roast the sweet potatoes for the filling instead of boiling them because he feels the flavor becomes deeper and sweeter. Slideshow: More Delicious Pies and Tarts Plus: Ultimate Thanksgiving Guide 
Whip + Click's Sweet Potato Hand Pie for Thanksgiving
2013 F&W Digital Food Awards winner Evi Abeler photographs striking, minimalist images of seasonal dishes made by her Whip + Click blogging partner, pastry chef Albane Sharrard. Here is Whip+Click's take on a traditional Thanksgiving dessert: a sweet potato pie you can eat by hand! This also means less dishes, which we love! Read more >