Credit: © MarieBette

Everyone wants to create the next cronut: the half donut, half croissant monster that took the entire culinary world by storm until a version of it landed on Dunkin' Donuts's menu. Charlottesville, Virginia, food blog The Charlottesville 29 recently tossed their suggestion for a successor into the hat—the Brioche Feuilletée—suggesting all it needs is a bit of a fratty name change.

A good version of a Brioche Feuilletée—such as the one the article cites at MarieBette—can be amazing, the site writes. “With dense layers of light, flaky pastry, dusted with crystals of sugar, it is like a cross between brioche, a croissant and a donut.” The problem, they say, is that the name “doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue.” Instead, Charlottesville 29 suggests, why not call it a “bronut”?

Eater immediately jumped on the idea, writing, “We agree: Let's call it a bronut.” The site even points out that finding yourself the newly knighted bronut might not be that hard: “Brioche feuilletée is a mainstay in bakeries throughout France and can sometimes be found in French bakeries in the US.”

MarieBette may even consider the name change, mentioning it on its Facebook page.

So it looks like the idea of a bronut might already be spiraling into the social media masses. If bakeries really wanted the idea to take off, though, they’d start serving them in red Solo cups. And maybe put them through a vigorous hazing process before serving.

[h/t Thrillist]