Muffin Meets Doughnut
On a recent post, I was so involved with talking about the brilliance of having a great bakery (Los Angeles’s Big Sugar Bakeshop) cater a trunk show at a fabulous store (Dari, where shoppers talked without irony about what they’d wear to the Grammys that night - I can only imagine what the conversation is like today, with the countdown to the Oscars in full swing), that I didn’t get to mention my favorite thing at Big Sugar. That would be the doughnut muffins, which look just like small round muffins but taste exactly like the perfect doughnut, right down to the sugar-cinnamon they’re topped with. The big difference is that they’re baked not fried—thanks to a secret in the dough that I was not allowed to learn. I’m not the only one who likes them—Marc Cherry, the creator of Desperate Housewives, is also a fan. “His assistant is usually standing outside when we open,” says Big Sugar’s co-owner Lisa Ritter.