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Sweet, creamy frosting is an easy (and decadent) way to embellish your favorite dessert. Basic icing is sugar mixed with milk, which is then flavored with cream cheese, cocoa powder and butter or egg whites. The simplest frosting of all, glacé icing, is just powdered sugar and water. We like to drizzle this thin, glossy glaze over homemade scones or coffee cake. There are so many different types of icings and frostings—we love cream-cheese frosting for zucchini and carrot cakes, mascarpone frosting for pumpkin and banana cakes, and chocolate frosting for everything from marble cakes to brownies.

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Blueberry-Coriander Buttercream Frosting
A simple Swiss meringue lightens this buttercream frosting, making it easy to incorporate add-ins such as a homemade Blueberry-Corriander Jam. “It has such a great pillowy consistency, but it's very stable" says Sasha Piligian, who shared her technique. "I can manipulate it in endless ways, folding in curd, tahini, jam—the possibilities are endless.” Use high-butterfat (82% to 84%) butter, such as Kerrygold or Plugrá, for the richest taste. For a shortcut, use store-bought blueberry or blackberry jam.
Chocolate–Cream Cheese Frosting
This frosting is delicious, and it spreads beautifully thanks to the cream cheese, which lends an ultra-smooth finish to your cake. As a bonus, the tartness of the cream cheese cuts straight through the rich sweetness of the cake in the most delightful way. Beat down the frosting with a wooden spoon before spreading on your cake to knock out any extra air bubbles. This frosting would also be great with cupcakes or on a classic yellow cake.
White Chocolate Mousse Filling
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This rich white-chocolate mousse filling for layer cakes can also be made with dark chocolate or milk chocolate.More Light-to Dark-Chocolate Dessert Recipes
White Chocolate Buttercream
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Creamy, sweet, and perfect for any treat, you'll want to make this frosting for all of your favorite cakes.Plus: Ultimate Holiday GuidePlus: More Dessert Recipes and Tips
13 Dreamy Frosting Recipes
More than just icing on the cake, these creamy and rich toppings include mascarpone, chocolate buttercream, and caramel.