Frozen Desserts

When the temperature outside soars past tolerable, frozen desserts are a delicious way to keep cool. While ice cream remains the favorite, dominating the scene for most of the year, there are so many other underappreciated options to choose from. Frozen desserts run the gamut, from layered frozen yogurt terrines to beautiful baked Alaskas to gluten-free Italian meringata. F&W's guide to these chilly desserts will help you make it through the summer heat in one piece with delicious recipes and expert techniques, including healthy alternatives, make-ahead ideas and tricks for making ice cream without any special equipment.
Chocolate Raspberry Icebox Cake
Chocolate-Raspberry Icebox Cake
4 hrs 15 mins
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Rosewater-and-Saffron Ice Cream (Bastani Irani)
Bastani Irani (Rosewater-and-Saffron Ice Cream)
8 hrs 45 mins