This 3-Ingredient Watermelon Sorbet Is the Perfect Summer Treat

The best part? No ice cream maker required.

Making ice cream in the summertime is a worthwhile, if not painstaking, labor of love. But what if we told you there was a super-simple sorbet recipe that's just as refreshing and comes together with less than 10 minutes of prep work? Enter this Mad Genius video from Justin Chapple, which he calls "one of the most 'mad genius' recipes I've ever made." It's a three-ingredient (we repeat, three-ingredient) watermelon sorbet that employs a food processor instead of an ice cream maker. With a few cubes of watermelon, some light agave, and bright lime juice for flavor, it's a quick and easy treat you'll be making again and again during the next heatwave. Check out Chapple's step-by-step tips below.

Cube the watermelon

To cut the watermelon wedge with minimal mess, Chapple shares a helpful hack. Hold the knife at the same angle as the wedge (cut-side up) and cut through until you feel that you've hit the rind. Then, work your way down one side of the wedge, making cuts one to one-and-a-half inches apart. Flip to repeat on the other side — then, turn the watermelon vertically and make the same width cuts, creating cubes in the process. Once done, you can scoop them out into a bowl with a spoon — this keeps your cutting board clean.

Grab a baking sheet

Arrange the cubes in an even, single layer on a baking sheet — you want it to fit in the freezer so they get really cold. Then, transfer to the freezer for six to eight hours.

Use a food processor

Once the cubes are frozen, put them in a food processor. Next comes ingredient number two, fresh lime juice, which Chapple squeezes right over the food processor (he uses one lime). Finally, ingredient number three is a few tablespoons of light agave, adjusted based on taste.

Pulse, then puree

Place the lid on the processor and start pulsing the watermelon to chop it up. Then puree the mixture until it reaches a smooth texture.

Don’t forget the extra lime zest

After you've pureed the sorbet and scooped it out, it's ready to be served. (Or put it in the freezer, if you want it to be more firm). Add a little freshly grated lime zest for flavor and enjoy.

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