Our Best Sorbet Recipes

Sour-Cherry Lambic Sorbet
Photo: © Frances Janisch

Sorbet is a perfect treat for a hot day, and the perfect reason to break out that ice cream maker. Some recipes are fruit forward, others incorporate elements like Mexican chocolate. Here are our best sorbet recipes.

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Sour-Cherry Lambic Sorbet

Sour-Cherry Lambic Sorbet

© Frances Janisch

"Above all, sorbet should taste — and feel — almost like eating fresh fruit," says Jeni Britton.

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Lemon-Rosemary Sorbet

Lemon-Rosemary Sorbet
© Reed Davis

Making this bright and herbaceous sorbet is simple. First, you make a simple syrup with rosemary sprigs. then you add that to fresh lemon juice, chill it, and mix it in an ice cream maker. Voila!

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Melon Sorbet

Sour-Cherry Lambic Sorbet

© Frances Janisch

Jeni Britton's easy sugar syrup can be mixed with almost any fruit puree and churned in an ice cream maker to make sorbet. During the summer, she loves sorbets made with locally grown heirloom melons and ruby-red sour cherries.

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Strawberry, Lemon, and Vanilla Ice Cream Parfait

Strawberry, Lemon and Vanilla Ice Cream Parfait
Danielle Tsi

Fresh strawberry sauce and refreshing lemon sorbet make these giant sundaes a delightful early summer treat.

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Mango-Basil Vacherin

Mango-Basil Vacherin. Photo © Kate Mathis
© Kate Mathis

Yigit Pura perfected this crisp-creamy French dessert while working at restaurant Daniel in New York City. His updated version combines little lime meringue kisses with basil ice cream and sweet mango sorbet.

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Lemon and Fresh Sorrel Sherbet

Lemon & Fresh Sorrel Sherbet
© Christina Holmes

Belinda Leong started to incorporate wild greens and herbs into her desserts during a foraging-focused internship in Copenhagen. When sorrel's in season, she uses the tart, lemony green to flavor her tangy sherbet, but mint, thyme and basil are also terrific.

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Mexican Chocolate Sorbet

Mexican Chocolate Sorbet Recipe
Aubrie Pick

Mexican cinnamon and vanilla complement the heat of guajillo and chipotle chilies for this sorbet version of Mexican hot chocolate.

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Strawberry Sorbet

Strawberry Sorbet
Victor Protasio

This sorbet harnesses the flavor of fresh, in season strawberries for a dessert that's light and sweet, but not cloying.

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