5 Popsicle Recipes to Help You Beat the Heat

Grape Margarita Paletas Recipe
Photo: Photo by Johnny Autry / Food and Prop Styling by Charlotte Autry

Popsicles are a nostalgic summer staple that can easily be made at home. For a twist on a childhood favorite, check out Gail Simmons' whole-fruit rocket pops; for something boozy, there are ruby-grapefruit-and-Campari ice pops, Riesling-pear pops, and more. Read on for more refreshing popsicles you can enjoy all season long.

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Strawberry-Mango Paletas

Strawberry-Mango Paletas
© John Kernick

When crafting new paletas for her company La Newyorkina, Fany Gerson's rule of thumb is this: If the colors of her ingredients go together, the flavors will, too. These bright, red-and-orange-hued ice pops are perfect to make in May when juicy strawberries are at their peak.

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Whole-Fruit Rocket Pops

Whole Fruit Rocket Pops
Jennifer Causey

Gail Simmons makes her grown-up Rocket Pops with strawberry-lime, coconut-banana and ginger, and blueberry-mint layers. Making the simple base for the layers is easy using a home blender; just be sure to freeze each layer sufficiently before pouring in the next, and use a small funnel to get even layers and keep the sides of your popsicle mold clean.

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Prickly Pear Paletas

Prickly Pear Paletas
Victor Protasio

Prickly pears, the fruit that grows on cactus plants, are a common ingredient in Mexican cuisine. The fruit yields a bright pink juice that lends its color to Justin Chapple's fun, summery ice pops.

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Mango-Cashew Kulfi Pops

Mango Cashew Kulfi Pops Recipe
Photo by Victor Protasio / Food Styling by Torie Cox / Prop Styling by Thom Driver

Canned mango pulp works better in these frozen ice pops than fresh mangoes because of its concentrated flavor, which helps cut through the rich cashews and sweetened condensed milk.

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Grape-Margarita Paletas

Grape Margarita Paletas Recipe
Photo by Johnny Autry / Food and Prop Styling by Charlotte Autry

Oven-roasted grapes develop a concentrated, caramelized flavor; paired with tequila, they give these deeply purple ice pops a grown-up twist. Use seedless grapes to prevent the juice from turning bitter when puréed.

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