You probably already have the only thing you need to make it.

By F&W Editors
Updated June 21, 2017

Summer is the time when all things frozen have their chance to shine. We want ice cream, popsicles and frozen yogurt in as massive quantities as we can get them. Well, Food & Wine’s deputy kitchen editor Justin Chapple is here with the latest edition of Mad Genius Tips for the quickest, easiest combination of your favorite summer treats: Yogurt pops. And, says Justin, all you need is “something you probably have in your fridge right now.

To make his super easy yogurt pops, all Justin uses is a standard yogurt cup and a popsicle stick (or if that’s too much of a stretch, just a small spoon). “All you do is take you individual yogurt cups, and using a small paring knife just pop a little hole in the top of each one.” From there all you do is slide your stick or spoon through the hole and put the cups in the freezer. It’s almost a zero step process.

And don’t worry, everything will come out just as it should. “The lid is gonna hold it nice and straight,” says Justin, “so that when it’s in the freezer it creates nice sturdy handles.”

From there all you have to do is exercise a little patience—about three hours worth—and your healthy dessert is ready to go. Just be careful sliding the yogurt pops out—Justin recommends cutting a small hole in the bottom of the plastic cup to help loosen the frozen yogurt a little bit. But that’s as complicated as it gets.

Voila. The easiest summer dessert you could possibly make. If you aren’t hooked on these come July you’re doing something wrong.

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