Stephen Colbert Whips Up Ice Cream Flavors for the Other Candidates

This could soon be full of Stephen Colbert's Put It In Your Mouth. Photo: © iStockphoto

When news broke that Bernie Sanders might be getting his own ice cream, some thought it was a bit inappropriate for a company like Ben & Jerry's to back a candidate during an election. This included the brand's co-founder Ben Cohen who decided to release a limited edition flavor dedicated to the Vermont senator on his own called "Bernie's Yearning." While Bernie seems like the kind of guy who might complain that ice cream is too cold to eat, the fact that the curmudgeonly statesman is being honored with a frozen treat was definitely fodder for comedy. Last night Stephen Colbert poked fun at the flavor and Sanders himself, while also serving up a few ice cream ideas for the other presidential candidates:

Additional flavors from the aired episode (which you can watch here) included Chris Christie's Blocky Road, Ben Carson's Ambien Crunch, Jeb Bush's Double Vanilla, and Donald Trump's Make America Grape Again, which is, naturally, orange-colored. Of course this isn't the first time the candidates have been served up as food. As the debates got rolling last year, FWx published our own sandwich counterparts to each of the Democratic and Republican presidential contenders.

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