Tired of waiting for ice cream to soften before diving in? Then 15.0%, a Japanese specialty spoon company, has a scoop for you—five, actually. The utensils come in different shapes and sizes (the rounded Vanilla, a paddle-like Chocolate, the spork-ish Strawberry, the tiny Parfait, and a larger ice cream scoop called Mocha). All are made from aluminum, which is a highly conductive metal that purportedly transfers the heat from your hand down the handle of the spoon. The warmed scooper spoons then glide through hard, frozen ice cream.

The sleek and stylish spoons go for 3,240 yen ($31) each on the company’s website 5,400 yen (about $52) for the Mocha scoop. They’re also available on Amazon from $40 to $66.

If it seems like a high price to pay for one spoon, just ask yourself, “Do I really want to wait the extra minutes for that ice cream to soften every time?” If the answer is no, then no price is too high.