If you're keeping track, there's a fair amount of ice cream–related crime happening. Last month in Washington, DC, a gunman carjacked an ice cream truck (no ice cream was taken). A month or so earlier, in upstate New York, charges were filed after a turf war broke out between Sno Kone Joe and Mr. Ding-a-Ling (those New York state ice cream vendors have inspired names).

I'd like to focus on the lighter side of ice cream. Specifically, F&W's Awesome Best New Pastry Chefs 2013 and their very favorite ice creams, from Pasadena to Brooklyn.

Carole's Custard; South Dennis, NJ
OddFellows Ice Cream Co., Brooklyn
From Bob Truitt; Ai Fiori, New York City and the Altamarea Group
"Carole's Custard was my favorite spot for soft serve and pretzel cones growing up. But the owners are now retired, and I work in NYC these days, so my new favorite spot is Sam Mason's OddFellows." (Mason's inspired flavors include cornbread, chorizo caramel swirl, blueberry buttermilk honey and manchego pineapple.)

Capogiro, Philadelphia
From Monica Glass; Clio and Uni Sashimi Bar, Boston
"Capogiro is an awesome gelato place. They have a huge variety of flavors, and I always like to mix a few together—coconut and hazelnut, dulce de leche and goat's milk, macadamia nut and lime..."

21 Choices; Pasadena, CA
Black Dog Gelato, Chicago
Nielsen's Frozen Custard, Salt Lake City
From Stephanie Prida; Manresa, Los Gatos, CA
"I consider myself to be a big ice cream consumer. 21 Choices is actually a frozen yogurt shop, but they blend all their own frozen yogurt. I love it when they have the animal cracker flavor available.”

"Black Dog owner Jessica Oloroso used to just sell at small markets all over Chicago; she recently got her own space. My favorite flavor there is sesame fig."

"And Nielsen's Frozen Custard. Fun fact: Utah has the highest amount of ice cream consumers in the country. This frozen custard place is out in the middle ofnowhere. They only serve three flavors: vanilla, chocolate and one rotatingflavor, like chocolate malted almond. I always get the rotating flavor."

Margie's Candies, Chicago
From Sarah Jordan; Boka and GT Fish & Oyster, Chicago
"Margie's is a fantastic old-school soda fountain and candy store, and they serve thelikes of turtle sundaes in big seashell-shaped bowls—super neat. I'm old-school; I love the root-beer floats and the fudge-turtle sundae."

The Ice Cream Man; Greenwich, NY
From Melanie Durant; Empire State South, Atlanta
"My all-time favorite ice cream ever is The Ice Cream Man, near my aunt's house. I always get Almond Joy. The Danish Cream is pretty darn good, too. I've been enjoying this stuff since I was a child. I even think Bobby Flay did a Throwdown there a few years back." (This is true: It was an Ice Cream Sundae Throwdown back in 2007, but Bobby's sundae won.)