The Meatball Shop is taking a cue from Willy Wonka. 

By Justine Sterling
Updated May 23, 2017

In celebration of their newest outpost on NYC’s Upper West Side opening this Monday, The Meatball Shop is launching its very own ice cream cart. On offer: the shop's amazing ice cream sandwiches in flavors such as sour cherry lambic and sweet corn, with cookie options like dark chocolate fudge and hazelnut snickerdoodle. But that’s not all. Taking a cue from Willy Wonka, the Meatballers will slip a golden ticket into one of every hundred sandwiches. Unlike Wonka’s tickets, which entitled winners to a dangerous and possibly deadly tour of a chocolate factory (what did happen to Augustus Gloop after he was sucked up that chocolate tube?), these golden tickets will entitle winners to prizes like a copy of The Meatball Shop Cookbook, a signature meat grinder tie and a personal meatball-making class with chef Daniel Holzman. All in all, it’s a win-win—because even if you don’t score a golden ticket, you still leave with a darn good ice cream sandwich.