By Mike Pomranz
Updated November 03, 2014
Credit: © Baskin-Robbins

Camouflage ice cream may sound like the newest diet trend, but it is actually something so much better.

This week, Baskin-Robbins announced it will release a new flavor, First Class Camouflage, featuring a mix of chocolate, salty caramel and cake flavors. Available with a similarly outfitted Camouflage waffle cone, the concoction is in honor of next Tuesday’s Veterans Day. Additionally, the world’s largest ice cream chain announced that regardless of which flavor you choose on November 11, for every scoop sold 10 cents will go to the United Services Organizations.

With its green, beige and brown colors, this camo cone will be hard to spot only if you plan to eat it in the jungle (where melting would probably be the most serious concern). Otherwise, this unique-looking treat is more likely to stand out than blend in, with its surprisingly authentic army fatigue appearance.

For once, it’s great to see a military-related project that not only tastes sweet, but also didn’t cost billions of dollars in taxpayer money.