Here, 10 delicious ice creams to make this summer.

By F&W Editors
Updated May 23, 2017
Mint Ice Cream
Credit: © Frances Janisch

In this week’s episode of Mad Genius Tips, F&W’s Justin Chapple proves that you don’t need special equipment to make ice cream at home. In the video, Chapple freezes classic vanilla but the method will work with any flavor. Here, 10 delicious batches to make this summer.

1. Mint Ice Cream
This exceptionally creamy ice cream is made with fresh mint and cream cheese.

2. Pistachio Ice Cream
For a double dose of nuttiness, this ice cream includes both toasted pistachios and almond extract.

3. Once-a-Year Cheesecake Ice Cream
This ice cream is so fabulously rich, you should probably have it only once every year.

4. Peach-Maple Ice Cream
Made with bourbon and seasonal peaches, this is the perfect summer ice cream.

5. Guinness Ice Cream
This ice cream has a strong, malty flavor.

6. Hazelnut Ice Cream
There are just four ingredients in this simple ice cream: hazelnuts, half-and-half, sugar and egg yolks.

7. Vietnamese Coffee Ice Cream
Condensed milk and egg yolks enrich this take on the classic Vietnamese drink.

8. Late Harvest Riesling Ice Cream
A mere quarter cup of Riesling gives a lovely flavor to this very rich ice cream.

9. Dairy-Free Chocolate-Coconut Ice Cream
Coconut milk replaces dairy in this super flavorful dessert.

10. Sweet Red Wine Ice Cream
Sweet Italian red wines like Moscato Rosa and Sagrantino Passito give ice cream an intriguing berry flavor.