It's not an ice cream sundae without amazing hot fudge sauce.

By F&W Editors
July 25, 2016

Hot fudge sauce is amazing for everything from ice cream sundaes to waffles. Celebrate National Hot Fudge Day with these incredible homemade hot fudge recipes. 

1. Hot Fudge Sauce 

© Tara Fisher

Rich and shiny, this hot fudge sauce from San Francisco ice cream shop Mr. and Mrs. Miscellaneous is perfect: it gets pleasantly chewy when it hits the cold ice cream.

2. Mocha Hot Fudge Sauce  

Try this amazing coffee-spiked chocolate fudge sauce with your favorite ice cream or on top of this incredible dulce de leche ice cream pie.

3. White Fudge Sundae

This reverse sundae features chocolate ice cream and creamy white-chocolate fudge sauce. 

4. Belgian Chocolate-Fudge Sauce 

This rich sauce is great for topping crispy, classic Belgian waffles as well as ice cream.

5. Best-Ever Banana Splits  

What makes these banana splits from Sweet Rose Creamery in Santa Monica, California, so good is the insanely fudgy chocolate sauce coupled with the light, crunchy almond topping.

6. Hot Fudge Raspberry Ripple Ice Cream Sundae Loaf Cake

For this delicious, old-fashioned ice cream cake, layers of gluten-free pound cake get sandwiched with vanilla ice cream, raspberry sauce and hot fudge. 

7. Microwave Fudge Sauce 

Bourbon adds a fun twist to this luscious, easy hot sauce.