For years, I’ve bought bittersweet chocolate by the pound, in big blocks, because it’s an economical way to buy the really good stuff. The only problem is that I hate chopping the chocolate: either the chunks are wildly irregular or too big, or the flakes are too thin or too small. I can never get it right. I even have one of those chocolate forks, which does a better job of docking my butcher block than of breaking up the chocolate. I found the perfect solution when I was in Easter bunny mode a few weeks ago and I wandered into Jacques Torres's chocolate emporium here in New York City. I located a perfect chocolate egg and then went looking for the chocolate-coated popcorn that my picky eater adores. I failed to find the popcorn (there’s a chocolate-dipped caramelized version they’re carrying now, which I’m sure is amazing) but 2-pound brown paper bags of chocolate drops caught my eye. I bought two of them and one is almost gone already. The chocolate is deep and delicious and melts dreamily. The quarter-size disks resemble flat chocolate chips and they’re perfect for popping in your mouth—but they also make fabulous hot chocolate (just melt them in a cup of milk), great soufflés and cakes, awesome chocolate chip cookies and divine hot fudge sauce for sundaes. (I bet they'd be fabulous in any chocolate recipes.) And they’re a bargain ($12 for a 2-pound bag; $20 for a 4-pound bag at mrchocolate. com or at their Manhattan or Brooklyn locations)—much less expensive than my go-to 3 1/2-ounce bars of imported bittersweet chocolate from Duane Reade!