The simple, sweet end-of-meal treat Garten swears by.

By Nora Horvath
Updated May 19, 2017
Credit: Noam Galai / Getty Images

The Barefoot Contessa is known for her to-die-for decadent desserts. After all, she did win over her husband, Jeffrey, by sending shoeboxes of homemade brownies to his dorm at Dartmouth while he was in college.

So you can understand our surprise when we heard that Ina doesn’t end every night with an indulgent slice of chocolate cake or a scoop of ice cream, but with a much lighter (although just as delicious) treat.

Garten told Bon Appétit in an interview for their new The Grocery List series that in lieu of a pastry for dessert, she and Jeffrey eat granola with either strawberry or plain yogurt and some in-season fruit while watching T.V. (While their choice of show changes, right now they’re loving the World War II-era series A French Village, so much so that they bought all six seasons on DVD.)

But for us, what was even more surprising than her choice of dessert is that the queen of home cooking buys granola instead of making it herself. According to the interview, she is loyal to the all-organic Bola Granola brand. She told Bon Appétit that she doesn’t bother making it “because unless you can make something that's better than what you'd buy, there's no point in spending the time!” We can definitely get behind that kind of practicality.

Do as Ina does and make our Yogurt and Granola Parfait for dessert tonight. Or for a summer-ready variation on yogurt-for-dessert, try our chilly Blackberry Yogurt Pops.