Sugar Cookies

Simple sugar cookies need not be boring. We love punching up their flavor with ginger, cinnamon or apricot jam, and topping them with everything from colorful sprinkles to sticky-sweet icing. For supereasy sugar cookies, try a roll-and-cut-style recipe. Just flatten the dough with a rolling pin and cut out shapes with a cookie cutter. The dough in this recipe is durable, so it can be rolled multiple times, but it's soft enough that the shapes come out neatly. After the cookies have been baked, they can be eaten plain, decorated with icing or sandwiched with your favorite filling. Whether you're looking for a tried-and-true recipe or want to riff on this classic dessert, Food & Wine's guide to sugar cookies has a recipe for every occasion.

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Monster Sugar Cookies
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These playful chewy sugar cookies from Food & Wine’s Paige McCurdy-Flynn are easily customized by adding different mix-ins, like candy coated peanuts, white chocolate chips or mini marshmallows. Slideshow: More Sugar Cookie Recipes 
Tombstone Sugar Cookie Sandwiches
These chocolate-spiced cookies from Food & Wine’s Paige McCurdy-Flynn get their dark color from Cocoa Barry brand Extra Brute Amber Cocoa Powder. Feel free to use any unsweetened Dutch process cocoa powder in its place if it’s unavailable.  You will need 4 rimmed baking sheets to make these cookies. Slideshow: More Sugar Cookie Recipes 
Halloween Sugar Cookie Pizza
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This is a playful riff on the classic margarita pizza, made with a crisp sugar cookie “crust,” strawberry jam and marshmallows. This would also be terrific with a peanut butter cookie crust. Slideshow: More Halloween Cookie Recipes 
Snickerdoodle Sugar Cookies
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For an extra crisp and sugary crust, try rolling the addictive spiced cookie logs in Demerara sugar before baking. Slideshow: More Sugar Cookie Recipes 
Sugar Cookie and Marshmallow Fluff Ghosts
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These adorable white chocolate ghosts from Food & Wine’s Paige McCurdy-Flynn are a take on a Danish marshmallow cookie known as a flødeboller. You will need 4 rimmed baking sheets to make these. Slideshow: More Halloween Cookie Recipes 
Chewy Sugar Cookies
Crispy sugar cookies, perfect for decorating for any number of occasions, have their place. But when you want to fill your cookie jar or tuck something in your lunch, a sturdier, chewier cookie is in order. With crispy edges, chewy centers and just a hint of nutmeg, these classic sugar cookies are perfect with a cup of tea or a glass of ice-cold milk. Slideshow: More Cookie Recipes 

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Sugar Cookies
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