These Are Hands-Down the Most Beautiful Cookies You Can Possibly Bake

From stunning sandwiches to colorful thumbprints, these beautiful cookies are dressed to impress.

Beautiful cookies
Photo: Con Poulos / John Kernick / Andria Lo / Michael Piazza

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Some of the greatest cookies on the planet have humble exteriors (I'm looking at you, classic chocolate chip). But sometimes we need our cookies to be a bit more awe-inspiring, the kind of treat that makes you alternate appreciative bites with admiring glances at the cookie in your hand. Whether you're baking for the holidays, for family and friends, or for the photo, sometimes you need cookies that don't just taste amazing, but look amazing, too. This lovingly assembled assortment is for you.

Cardamom Shortbread Cookies with Dulce de Leche Pedalboards Filling
Andria Lo

Cookies with Color

From green-tinged matcha cookies, emerald macarons and jewel-colored jam cut-outs to spice-scented shortbread bedecked with shiny gold leaf and edible blossoms, these multi-hued cookies are sure to please and bring a pop of color to any cookie tray.

Cardamom Thumbprints Cookies
© Chris Court

Thumbprints That Dazzle

The shortest distance between simple butter cookies and stunning confections? A thumb. Thumbprint, that is. The simple act of pressing an indentation into the center of each ball of dough, baking them up, and filling them with jam (or cajeta, or Nutella) delivers cookies that always look lovely.

Milk-Chocolate Cookies with Malted Cream
© Con Poulos

Snazzy Sandwiches

There's something about the combination of cleanly cut cookies and creamy filling that looks especially lovely. Especially when we're talking about pairings like crunchy milk-chocolate cookies and nutty malted cream. For sandwich-cookie take on a classic sandwich, try these peanut butter and jelly sandwich cookies.

Gluten-Free Triple Chocolate Coconut Krembos Recipe
Michael Piazza

Stuffed Delights

Given that cookies are usually quite flat, making a cookie that reaches for the stars ensures an impact. These crisp chocolate-wafer towers, layered with fluffy cream, are designed for drama, while these ganache-stuffed chocolate chip cookies are impressively indulgent. For the ultimate in height (and flavor), set aside a weekend to make these dazzling chocolate krembos.

Chocolate Peppermint Marshmallow Cookies
“Mallomars are my absolute favorite sweet treat,” says Della Gossett, executive pastry chef at Spago Beverly Hills. “In my variation, crunchy peppermint candy nicely balances the pillowy marshmallow filling.”. John Kernick

Pop of Peppermint

Holiday-friendly candy canes don't just add a zingy taste to cookies—their vibrant pink color makes any cookie glow. These chocolate peppermint marshmallow cookies get two hits of candy-cane color, while these fudgy triple-chocolate cookies are topped with homemade peppermint bark.

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