The supermodel and Milk Bar founder teamed up to make a delicious new cookie—for a good cause. 

By Kate Krader
Updated May 23, 2017
Courtesy Milk Bar
  • I believe that great cookies make the world better. Milk Bar founder Christina Tosi and supermodel Karlie Kloss believe this too, and they have a brand-new cookie to prove it.
  • Today, in honor of National Cookie Day, these two superheroes are introducing the Rice & Spice. The puffed rice oatmeal cookie is sweetened with brown sugar and spiced up with ginger and cinnamon. It’s crispy-chewy and delicious; it’s also gluten-free, dairy free and nut-free. And it’s saving the world: A portion of the proceeds go to benefit the outstanding charity Cookies for Kids' Cancer.
Courtesy Milk Bar
  • Tosi describes the process of creating Rice & Spice with her good friend Kloss: “We dug deep into our food memories and the favorite holiday cookie stories of our childhood. My grandma used to make a dense and hearty oatmeal cookie with a pinch of cinnamon and some puffed rice. Karlie's 'gram' used to make a spicy, gingersnap-esque treat this time of year, too! We bounced around the kitchen together and decided to merge the two recipes—out came the Rice & Spice. It’s like the granola bar meets the ultimate ginger snap.”
  • The two are the ultimate cookie team, Tosi explains. “Karlie comes at it from a health-conscious viewpoint. For me, they have to taste good." The result, she says, is that "it’s like they’re accidentally good for you.” Tosi and Kloss spent almost a year nailing the recipe (“we’re both über perfectionists,” says Tosi) before settling on this one. “We have a little ritual. We make the ceremonial first batch together. Karlie does the mixing and then we eat the cookie dough. She runs around the kitchen giving people handfuls of dough to taste; it’s wonderful.”
  • The Rice & Spice will be available at all Milk Bar locations in New York and DC and online beginning today, Friday, December 4.
  • The cookie will also be served at Cookies for Kids' Cancer first-ever "Be A Good Cookie Family Fun Day" this Saturday, December 5.