Credit: © LES BREAULT / Alamy

We’re still months away from those enablers in green sashes known as Girl Scouts feeding your cookie addiction with their sweet, sweet product, but some Thin Mints methadone is on its way. You’ll need to check the dairy case to find it though.

For a limited time, Girl Scouts of the USA and Nestlé Nesquik have partnered to release two Girl Scout cookie–themed chocolate milk flavors: Thin Mints and Caramel Coconut (which you may recognize as Samoas).

According to GSUSA, the Girl Scouts not only get additional brand awareness through this campaign, but are also receiving royalty payments. So, yeah, to hell with cookie stands and going door-to-door; nowadays it’s all about making money from the comfort of your own home. Everyone gets a marketing tie-in badge!

For those wondering if these new drinks measure up to the real thing, some taste-testers over at the Huffington Post gave them less than stellar reviews—though to what extent a Girl Scout–branded milk beverage is meant to satiate adults is up for debate.