7 Cookie Records to Break This Holiday Season

We're celebrating all things cookie this holiday season — and that includes these impressive things people do with them.

Cocoa Nib-Chocolate Chip Cookies

You might think your own cookie-eating habits are breaking records, but one surefire way to make your indulgences feel comparatively tame this holiday season is to flip open to the cookie page of the Guiness Book of World Records. Here you will find the admirable maniacs who are making mansion-size baked goods, building epically tall cookie pyramids and baking more confections in an hour than one would think is humanly possible. Here, seven of the best records worth breaking this season.

The World's Largest Bag of Cookies: 7,054 Pounds

Put together by 220 volunteers in the Netherlands in 2005, the bag contained over 200,000 cookies and took 3,600 hours to create and fill. It was five and a half meters long, two meters wide and three meters high.

Most People Dunking Cookies at Once: 1,796

Oreo India held a "Dunkathon" in December of 2013 in Mumbai and set the record for most people dunking cookies (Oreos in this case) at the same time. Though not acknowledged by Guinness, Pittsburgh broke Mumbai's record in 2014 when 2,152 people got together for simultaneous cookie-dunking.

The Largest Cookie: 754 Square Meters

The Immaculate Baking Company made the giant, 754 square meter (8,120 square foot) chocolate chip cookie in Flat Rock, North Carolina, in May of 2003. Weighing 40,000 pounds, it had a 101-foot diameter. It was made with 12,200 pounds of flour, 6,525 pounds of butter, 5,000 pounds of white sugar, 3,370 pounds of brown sugar, 10 gallons of vanilla and 6,000 pounds of chocolate chunks.

Most Cookies Baked in One Hour: 4,695

Sixteen bakers representing Hassett's Bakery claimed the record for the most cookies baked in an hour in July of 2013. The feat was attempted as part of the Annual Irish Redhead convention, which celebrates gingers and raises money for the Irish Cancer Society. The cookie of choice: ginger nut biscuits.

Tallest Pyramid of Cookies: 1.49 Meters

Jan Vinzenz Krause and members of the Diocese of Essen created the four-foot-ten-inch pyramid in September 2006. It was made of 12,180 Leibniz butter cookies.

Tallest Cookie Tower: 1.83 Meters

Not to be confused with the tallest cookie pyramid, the Girl Scouts of Nassau County built the world's tallest cookie tower, which measured just over six feet, in 2010. Sixty girl scouts working in two-hour shifts used 22,800 cookies to build it.

Largest Collection of Cookie Jars: 2,653

Edith Eva Fuchs of Metamora, Indiana, was named the preeminent cookie jar collector in 2012 with her massive collection, which she started in 1988. According to Guinness, Fuchs's favorite jar is one shaped like Roy Rogers riding his horse, Trigger, which you might be able to glimpse in Fuchs's store, Grannie's Cookie Jars and Ice Cream parlor.

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