Cookies may be fun to make but they’re even better to eat. And with thousands of variations spanning so many flavors and shapes, there’s a cookie out there for every taste. Creative bakers have made them into sandwiches and bars, coated them with ganache, filled them with jam and even stuffed them with candy. There’s really no end to the possibilities. F&W’s guide to these tiny desserts offers tons of holiday ideas, healthy recipes (yes, really) and lessons from the experts for perfecting your techniques.

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Tortellini Dolci al Forno (Emilian Fruit-Stuffed Christmas Cookies)

Not to be confused with the pasta of the same name, these classic Emilian Christmas cookies are made from a tender, flaky dough filled with a sweet-tart trio of fruit: cherry preserves, rich saba (cooked-down grape must), and candied citron.

Brown Butter-Cardamom Spitzbuben

German for “cheeky boys,” these Bavarian cookies will be the star of your holiday cookie platter. Brown butter and cardamom make this simple cookie into a fragrant treat. Take the time to freshly grind the cardamom—its robust, citrusy flavor is worth it. You can use round or fluted cutters to cut out the cookies and any shape that takes your fancy for the center.

Cardamom Shortbread Cookies with Dulce de Leche Peda Filling

Adorned with edible flower petals and gold leaf, these spiced sandwich cookies, which blogger and cookbook author Hetal Vasavada makes for her Diwali celebration, are an occasion unto themselves. Store-bought dulce de leche enriches a filling inspired by peda, a creamy Indian milk fudge flavored with cardamom. For the toppings, be sure to seek out 24-karat gold or pure silver, which is safe for consumption. (Purchase from Slo Food Group: Loose Leaf Edible Gold Sheets, $41.99 for 25 sheets; Loose Leaf Edible Silver Foil, $16 for 25 sheets; For flowers, Vasavada likes to use calendula and pansies, and notes that fresh petals from Whole Foods or other retailers will work as long as they marked as “edible.”

Thumbprint Cookies with White Chocolate-Espresso Ganache

Baking legend Claudia Fleming based these melt-in-your mouth cookies on a recipe her mother used to make. They owe their texture to the perfect amount of cornstarch, which makes them exquisitely crumbly without being too dry. The buttercream-like filling is light in texture but stable thanks to the white chocolate.

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Pumpkin Spice Snickerdoodles

Rating: Unrated
The secret to nailing these classic cookies is to bake them just until they’re set but not browned. They’ll finish cooking as they cool on the baking sheet, delivering their craveable tender-chewy texture.

This Is My New Favorite Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

I made brown butter chocolate chip cookies for the first time this weekend, and can’t wait to make them again.

This Chocolate-Stuffed Marshmallow Cookie Is Gluten Free, and It's Spectacular

Krembo cookies, beloved store-bought treats from Israel, become even more irresistible when you make them at home, stuffed with chocolate ganache. Are you up to the challenge?