Cookies may be fun to make but they’re even better to eat. And with thousands of variations spanning so many flavors and shapes, there’s a cookie out there for every taste. Creative bakers have made them into sandwiches and bars, coated them with ganache, filled them with jam and even stuffed them with candy. There’s really no end to the possibilities. F&W’s guide to these tiny desserts offers tons of holiday ideas, healthy recipes (yes, really) and lessons from the experts for perfecting your techniques.

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Professional Bakers Give Their Best Cookie Tips

Freeze them, ship them, make them fresh or in advance: these bakers have what you need when it comes to planning your holiday cookie menu.

Brown Butter-Cardamom Spitzbuben

German for “cheeky boys,” these Bavarian cookies will be the star of your holiday cookie platter. Brown butter and cardamom make this simple cookie into a fragrant treat. Take the time to freshly grind the cardamom—its robust, citrusy flavor is worth it. You can use round or fluted cutters to cut out the cookies and any shape that takes your fancy for the center.