Emily Carrus, our super food intern, has made a great discovery on the white-chocolate front. Here’s her report:

Last month, I was lucky enough to attend a demonstration hosted by Valrhona Chocolate led by two adorable pastry chefs, Phillipe Givre and Derek Poirer. Days later, I was still thinking about one concept from it that was totally new to me: roasting white chocolate. Phillipe and Derek had cooked Valrhona Ivoire (Valrhona’s white chocolate) in the oven until it darkened in color and its sugars caramelized, much like the conversion of sweetened milk into dulce de leche. The chefs then incorporated it into a mousse-like dessert and told us that with proper handling, you can use it as you would “normal" chocolate: for flavoring creams or baked goods, or making bars and bonbon shells. (Also important to note: The chefs said roasting works only with high-quality white chocolate.)