White Chocolate

Made with sugar, milk and cocoa butter, white chocolate has all the creamy richness of regular chocolate without the actual cocoa. We love adding white chocolate to holiday desserts, such as pumpkin pie and gingerbread trifle, but it’s delicious in all kinds of treats, especially our favorite ultra-creamy no-bake cheesecake. The filling is prepared by stirring melted white chocolate into cream cheese, sugar, vanilla bean paste and lemon zest, which is topped with strawberry jam and plenty of fresh berries. For an easy flavor upgrade, white chocolate chips are great in oatmeal cookies along with cranberries or macadamia nuts. Find these recipes and more in Food & Wine’s guide to white chocolate.

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Floating Islands with Dark Chocolate Crème Anglaise and Toasted Pistachios

The rich, deep chocolate flavor contrasts with the incredibly light and airy texture of this classic French dessert. Use your favorite high-quality dark chocolate for the best results.
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You Could Be Eating a Chocolate Map of Your City

The Kickstarter campaign is working with local partners in each of the cities the maps represent.
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Godiva Lands on Supermarket Shelves in the U.K.

After launching in Costco earlier this year, the Belgian chocolate brand is now selling in a U.K. supermarket for the first time.
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More White Chocolate

Chocolate Pretzels 
with Sea Salt

These are not your ordinary chocolate-covered pretzels. The superfun, delicious (and gluten-free!) treats from chef Daniel Humm are made from ground pretzels and white chocolate that gets piped into a pretzel shape and chilled, then dipped in dark chocolate before serving. Slideshow: More Pretzel Recipes
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