Milk Chocolate

Creamy, supersweet milk chocolate is delicious in all kinds of desserts, such as decadent puddings, rich layer cakes and ice creams. One of our favorites is a simple milk chocolate tart with a crunchy pretzel crust that makes for a perfect balance between sweet and salty. If you love Oreos, try our milk chocolate version, which sandwiches malted cream between perfectly sweet cookies as a fun, nostalgic treat. Whether you're looking for an impressive dessert or something effortless and sweet, Food & Wine's guide to milk chocolate has a recipe for every occasion.

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Milk Chocolate Mousse with Brown Butter Shortbread and Roasted Strawberries
Chef Eli Kirshtein likes to highlight strawberries in the spring. “Berries with cream is a surefire hit,” he says. “We go one step further by adding milk chocolate to the cream and making it into a mousse.Slideshow: More Milk Chocolate Recipes
Milk Chocolate Desserts
These terrific desserts include milk chocolate crémeux with sesame crème anglaise and silky chocolate mousse with peanut butter crunch.
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Fruity, balanced, creamy and smooth. These milk-chocolate bars rated among the best.