Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is ideal in rich puddings, decadent cakes and crispy shortbread cookies. Plus, the antioxidants in chocolate containing more than 70 percent cocoa is supposed to be supergood for you—so these recipes are nearly guilt-free, right? One of our favorite dark chocolate treats is a creamy pudding garnished with candied ginger and barely sweetened whipped cream. To enjoy dark chocolate in a purer form, try making chocolate bark with walnuts and dried cherries. The fruits and nuts add fiber and omega-3 fatty acids for a sweet snack you can feel good about. Get these recipes and more from Food & Wine's guide to dark chocolate.

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Matzo Cocoa Crumble
Rich, dark chocolate, butter, just the right amount of salt, and finely ground matzos make these crumbles the perfect sundae topper. Here, we sprinkled them over vanilla ice cream with a generous drizzle of creamy caramel sauce.    Slideshow: More Dark Chocolate Recipes 
This Chocolate Company Helps Save Endangered Lemurs in Madagascar
Brooklyn-based Madécasse has created a safe haven for the animals in their cacao plantations.
Dark Chocolate Fudge with Candied Ginger and Pistachios
Melting chocolate in the microwave makes the process really easy and quick—no double boiler, no water bath necessary. To prepare this festive fudge, just stir a few flavorings into the melted-chocolate base. We add pistachios, dried cherries and candied ginger but white chocolate chips, dried apricots or chopped walnuts would give it the proper crunch and sweet-tangy notes, too.Slideshow: More Dark Chocolate Recipes
Dark Chocolate Fondue
Chocolate fondue does not have to wait until dessert. You can start your day with a decadent chocolate fondue breakfast. Dip a chunk of artisanal bread for an instant pain au chocolat. Slideshow:  More Fast Chocolate Desserts 
Chocolate Chunk Cookie for One
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Sometimes the best thing is having one perfect chocolate chip cookie, like this chewy, crispy, salty one from F&W’s Justin Chapple. Slideshow:  More Cookie Recipes 
Dark Chocolate Recipes
Learn how to make dark and delicious chocolate recipes such as dark chocolate coconut cake and dark chocolate cupcakes.

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Chocolate Pot de Crème with Candied Brioche Whipped Cream
Chef Gavin Kaysen of Minneapolis’s Spoon & Stable created this dessert in honor of his grandmother Dorothy. “She used to make a big bowl of chocolate pudding and then set it in the middle of the table with a handful of spoons,” he recalls. Slideshow:  More Chocolate Desserts 
Chocolate–and–Pinot Noir S'mores Puddings
Chef Duskie Estes translates the campfire classic s’mores into a rich wine-infused chocolate pudding with a toasted meringue topping. Slideshow: More Pudding Recipes