Chocolate Truffles

Decadent chocolate truffles are one of the simplest candies to make. You just need two ingredients: cream and chocolate. Add warm cream to chocolate to create a silky ganache, form it into balls and coat in chocolate. If you want to get creative, mix coffee or liqueur into the ganache before rolling the truffles in chopped nuts, cocoa powder or spices. Once you learn to prepare these supereasy treats, you can gift them to friends or whip them up for special occasions. Use Food & Wine's guide to find recipes from chocolatiers around the country.

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Armagnac Chocolate Truffles
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Pastry expert Dominique Ansel takes the extra step to greatness: His Armagnac-spiked truffles are dipped in melted chocolate before being dusted with cocoa powder. The crunchy outer shell and tender ganache inside are an irresistible matchup. Slideshow: More Chocolate Truffle Recipes 
Best Chocolate Truffles
Learn how to make your own chocolate truffles with these decadent recipes, from bittersweet chocolate truffles rolled in spices to Brazilian pecan-cinnamon truffles. Also, liven up any party with do-it-yourself truffles which allow guests to customize their creations. They make for a delicious and thoughtful gift.