The Kickstarter campaign is working with local partners in each of the cities the maps represent.
tamtik makes chocolate
Credit: Courtesy of Tamtik

We've seen interactive maps before—maps that let you hear the sounds of cities, maps that recommend wine and cheese pairings for you by location, maps that give you information about alcohol consumption by country—but these maps require a very different kind of interaction: eating them. The Tamtik chocolate city maps are linear street maps molded out of handmade dark chocolate. Currently, they're selling chocolate maps of New York City, London, and Tel Aviv, but, if you pledge $1, you can also vote to get your own city chocolate-ified.

chocolate city maps
Credit: Courtesy of Tamtik

Right now, 9 days into the campaign, the Kickstarter has raised about $3,500 of its $10,000 goal, with 27 days to go. So, if you want to be eating a craft chocolate version of your city's map, you've got a few weeks to pledge and vote. There's a pretty steep drop-off in the pledge options, however: after the $1 option to vote on the next chocolate city and the $2 option to join on online tasting session to weigh in on Tamtik's next chocolate flavor (may we suggest the newest variety, ruby chocolate?) is a $50 option for a single chocolate city map. $50 is kind of a lot to be spending on a piece of chocolate but bear in mind that each one is handmade by Tamtik's local partners in the city that the map represents and gorgeously packaged.

chocolate company
Credit: Courtesy of Tamtik

Tamtik was founded by environmentalist and former ad exec Liat Zvi and product manager Anat Errell, mothers and lifelong friends from Tel Aviv. It's a collaboration with Nisnas Industries, a company based in Haifa, Israel that makes a variety of lifestyle products, including cigar tubes, flasks, tables, and bags. There's no definitive word on when the maps will be available, but Tamtik does promise to ship in the dead of winter so that the chocolate won't melt.