According to a new study, there might be such a thing as gut cravings.

By F&W Editors
Updated June 02, 2017
Chocolate-Pine Nut Cookies

According to a new study, there might be such a thing as gut cravings. We’ll spare you the gory details, but it has to do with bacteria—and what they want, you crave. People who are "chocolate desiring" have different microbes in their bodies than "'chocolate indifferent' individuals," says the study. (For the record, we're skeptical that "chocolate indifferent individuals" actually exist.)

If your gut desires chocolate, here are 10 excellent recipes to try.

1. Chocolate-Pine Nut Cookies
These chewy, fudgy cookies can be made up to three days in advance.

2. Quadruple Chocolate Brownies
How do you upgrade the classic brownie? Use four types of chocolate instead of one.

3. Dark-Chocolate Cremoso with Cornflakes and Fresh Fruit
This dense, ganache–like dark chocolate dessert, cleverly garnished with crunchy cornflakes, will satisfy any chocolate craving.

4. Mexican Chocolate Chip–Pumpkin Seed Cake
Tequila, Mexican chocolate and pepitas give this easy cake its Mexican flair.

5. Chestnut-Chocolate Mousse
Chestnuts add sophisticated flavor to this luscious mousse.

6. Double-Chocolate Cookie Crumble
This addictive chocolate crumble is fantastic on ice cream or on its own.

7. Icebox Chocolate Cheesecake
Nabisco chocolate wafers, cream cheese and chocolate syrup are all you need to make this “cheater’s” cheesecake.

8. Chocolate Cupcakes with Caramel Ganache and Coconut
Rich chocolate-caramel frosting and flaky coconut top these incredible cupcakes.

9. Chocolate Cream Pie
This silky pie features a quick chocolate crust.

10. Mom’s Chocolate Cake
It doesn’t get better than this old-fashioned American chocolate layer cake.