For chocolate-obsessed cooks and bakers, delicious desserts—from gooey brownies to lusciously creamy pots de crème.

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Tropical Mendiants
Chef Paola Velez's stunning mendiants are surprisingly easy to make with her simple method for tempering chocolate in the microwave. Piped into rounds, the chocolates are topped with a colorful mix of tropical fruit, toasted nuts, and seeds. Like mini, open-faced chocolate candy bars, the mendiants can be made ahead and served right from the fridge. 
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Floating Islands with Dark Chocolate Crème Anglaise and Toasted Pistachios
The rich, deep chocolate flavor contrasts with the incredibly light and airy texture of this classic French dessert. Use your favorite high-quality dark chocolate for the best results.
Warm Blondie Pudding
This fudgy confection from Nigella Lawson’s new cookbook, At My Table, uses ground almonds instead of flour, making the dish gluten-free. The dessert is much more of a stand-alone star than a bake sale treat: Serve pieces individually, topped with crème fraîche and fresh raspberries.   Slideshow: More White Chocolate Recipes 
Ice Cream Birthday Cake
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This awesome cake for a crowd features chocolate cake, two flavors of ice cream, thick layers of fudge sauce, layers of chocolate crunchies and a luscious ganache topping. Slideshow:  More Cake Recipes