Toffee is a type of candy made by boiling sugar or molasses with butter until it becomes carmelized and has a glossy surface. Good toffee should be a light brown color with a smoky-sweet taste; the candy can be hard and brittle, or soft and sticky. We like to add chocolate, almonds and walnuts to traditional toffee. Its caramel-like flavor pairs well with apples, butterscotch and dates, and is the perfect way to punch up traditional fall desserts like apple cake []. Toffee can be also be used for enhancing puddings, cookies and even sweet potatoes. Find these recipes and more in our guide to toffee.

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How TikTok Jellies Became the Internet's Favorite Candy

Since January, the 99 cent novelty fruit snacks have increased in value exponentially, all thanks to TikTok star Jaden Sprinz.
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Riesling Pâte de Fruit

The sugar-crusted squares of just-set fruit puree are a confection that’s worth making at home, especially with our own Justin Chapple’s genius method. Using Riesling in place of water enhances the apricot flavor and gives the candies extra dimension.    Slideshow: More Dried Fruit Recipes
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A Designer Candy Shop Is Selling Crystal Campari Ring Pops

The candy bling is infused with the cocktail ingredient's signature flavors, and part of the proceeds benefit New York City non-profit City Harvest.
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All-Pink Starbursts And Other Snacks You Can Get On Their Own

When you just want that one flavor…Mixed snacks are a mixed bag. Some people love all the colors in the candy rainbow or enjoy sampling every last shape in the cereal aisle. But many of us are creatures of habit, clinging to a single flavor that hits the spot. A few companies have gotten wise to our preoccupation with a certain variety of their varietal products. Here are a few ways to enjoy some commonly assorted one taste at a time. — Adam Campbell-Schmitt