Whether you prefer chocolate truffles or gummy bears, black licorice or sticky caramel, these sugary treats hearken back to childhood trick-or-treating and birthday piñatas. We love incorporating store-bought candies into some of our favorite recipes, like this one for chocolate chip cookies from Christina Tosi, as well as this colorful cocktail that's perfect for Halloween. We also enjoy making our own sweets, such as these chocolate truffles embellished with raspberries, roasted almonds and candied ginger. If you're a candy connoisseur or simply have a hankering for sugar, Food & Wine's guide to candy has a recipe for every occasion.

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Tamarind Jelly Candies
Paola Velez's tamarind pate de fruit is sweet, tangy, coated with fruity sugar, and all-together delicious. Because the sugar coating dissolves within an hour, cut and coat only when ready to serve. Cover and refrigerate the remaining jelly, store the fruit sugars air-tight at room temperature, and you've got a sweet treat ready to serve in minutes. Frozen tamarind pulp can be found at local Mexican grocers and some supermarkets. Look for liquid pectin in the baking aisle along with canning supplies. 
Café de Olla Alegría
Amaranth is a powerhouse of nutrition and flavor: It is a complete protein, meaning it contains all nine essential amino acids.This take on alegría, a traditional Mexican candy made from puffed amaranth seeds, features the flavors of café de olla, a Mexican style of coffee brewed with cinnamon and orange peel and sweetened with piloncillo, a raw brown sugar with rich molasses flavor. Here, maple syrup and granulated sugar stand in for piloncillo, adding a rich chewiness. The pan is hot enough to pop the amaranth when a few drops of water evaporate on contact.
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How to Make Candy Magic at Home
The F&W guide to transforming sugar into this season’s most crackly, chewy, creamy, and covetable treats.

Peppermint Rock Candy

Like stalactites, these shimmering clusters of peppermint-flavored crystals take time to form. It’s a captivating (and sweet!) science experiment that’s beautiful to behold as the candy comes to life on your kitchen counter. Clothespins might seem like an odd tool to use in candymaking, but they are perfect for suspending the lollipop sticks in the sugar solution. Flavored with a splash of cool, refreshing peppermint oil, any leftover peppermint syrup can be stirred into hot chocolate or cocktails. Want to gift these? Individually wrap dried candy in cellophane, and secure with a decorative string or a twist tie.