Whether you prefer chocolate truffles or gummy bears, black licorice or sticky caramel, these sugary treats hearken back to childhood trick-or-treating and birthday piñatas. We love incorporating store-bought candies into some of our favorite recipes, like this one for chocolate chip cookies from Christina Tosi, as well as this colorful cocktail that’s perfect for Halloween. We also enjoy making our own sweets, such as these chocolate truffles embellished with raspberries, roasted almonds and candied ginger. If you’re a candy connoisseur or simply have a hankering for sugar, Food & Wine’s guide to candy has a recipe for every occasion.

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How TikTok Jellies Became the Internet's Favorite Candy

Since January, the 99 cent novelty fruit snacks have increased in value exponentially, all thanks to TikTok star Jaden Sprinz.
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Riesling Pâte de Fruit

The sugar-crusted squares of just-set fruit puree are a confection that’s worth making at home, especially with our own Justin Chapple’s genius method. Using Riesling in place of water enhances the apricot flavor and gives the candies extra dimension.    Slideshow: More Dried Fruit Recipes
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A Designer Candy Shop Is Selling Crystal Campari Ring Pops

The candy bling is infused with the cocktail ingredient's signature flavors, and part of the proceeds benefit New York City non-profit City Harvest.
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Gummy Bear Art Recreates Masterpieces

Melissa Rachel Black is the artist behind these sweet takes on Van Gogh, Seurat, Munch and more.
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Pomegranate Mochi

Borrowing a technique from pastry chef Jennifer Yee, these chewy, fruity, jewel-toned mochi are prepared in the microwave with a mix of pomegranate juice and lime juice. We used a 3/4-inch round cutter to make them gumdrop size, but you can also cut the candies into squares (sharpen your knife!) or use another small cookie cutter. Slideshow: More Pomegranate Recipes