Because if it's not over-the-top, is it really even a birthday?

kate spade purse cake
Credit: Courtesy of Joyce Osorio

Maybe you won't be getting a $2,000 purse for your birthday, but that shouldn't stop you from eating a $2,000 purse (well, a cake of a $2,000 purse) for your birthday. For a deliciously indulgent birthday, try making one of these cakes, inspired by top fashion houses.

Louis Vuitton Purse Cake

This cake looks impressively like a Louis Vuitton purse. Specifically, like one of those Takashi Murakami x Louis Vuitton purses.

Louis Vuitton Print Cake

Or, for a Louis Vuitton cake that isn't trying to be anything but a cake, try making this one, powdered sugared with a Louis Vuitton stencil that you can buy here.

Quilted Chanel Cake

This Chanel-inspired cake, with a giant bow and a rhinestone border, is about as glitzy as a cake can get.

Gucci Box Cake

If half of the birthday fun for you is opening (or giving) presents, then this cake, which looks like a gorgeously wrapped Gucci box, is right up your alley.

Gucci Purse Cake

What's in the Gucci box? This Gucci purse (cake), of course.

Versace-Stencilled Cake

For another easy, stencilled option, this stencil and some gold piping gel combine to make this fabulous cake.

Hermes Bag Cake

For a more colorful option, this bright orange Hermes handbag cake should do the trick.

Kate Spade Purse Cake

One last purse cake – this black, white, and gold Kate Spade cake is the perfect way to say, "I worship at the altar of capitalism, but I'm also fun and quirky."

Alexander McQueen Scarf Cake

This video shows you how to make a roll cake (you know, like a jelly roll or a Swiss roll) that looks just like an Alexander McQueen scarf. The instructions may be in Japanese, but you can read them in English here.

Tiffany Box Cake

More into jewelry than bags or clothes? This Tiffany & Co. box-inspired cake, in the iconic Tiffany's robin's egg blue.

Dolce & Gabbana Flip Flop Cake

You can even have designer shoes in cake form: based on Dolce & Gabbana's pink pineapple flip flops, this cake is ridiculously fun and colorful.

Ralph Lauren Polo Shirt Cake

Okay, so we're super dubious of the video's title, where it specifies "Father's Day Cake. Cake for Boys." In fact, the most famous character to ever sport Ralph Lauren polos is probably Margot Tenenbaum. Still, this polo shirt cake is pretty great.