Avocado toasts have become an everyday essential—and have inspired pastry chefs to invent a sweet variation. The ones here are by William Werner of San Francisco’s Craftsman and Wolves.

By Kate Heddings
Updated May 23, 2017
© John Kernick

Coffee-Caramel-Jam Toasts
Instead of using a fruit jam, Werner spreads a rich, thick and silky coffee-caramel jam over toasts to make an elegant dessert.

© John Kernick

Lemon Curd Toasts With Coconut
Olive oil and cocoa butter make this lemony curd extraordinarily creamy and luscious. Spread on baguette toasts, it becomes a fantastic dessert

© John Kernick

Yuzu Kosho Cashew Butter Toasts
Spread on pumpernickel bread toasts, cashew butter spiked with citrusy red yuzu kosho becomes a delicious treat.

© John Kernick

Whipped Vanilla Ganache Toasts With Pear And Pomegranate
Whipping a rich and delicious white chocolate ganache makes it light and fluffy. Spread on toasted pain de mie bread.

© John Kernick