Craving something sweet?

By F&W Editors
Updated June 23, 2017

Don't listen to what people say. We know the holiday season is all about sweets and we're here to help you reach your holiday dessert potential.

Here are nine amazing holiday desserts to make with incredible caramel.

1. Dulce de Leche Crispies

This adult version of the classic Rice Krispies Treat features gooey dulce de leche instead of marshmallows.

2. Dulce de Leche Layer Cake


Chef Scott Conant's gorgeous cake is flavored with nutty liqueur and frosted with a lightly sweetened meringue.

3. Dulce de Leche, Coconut and Chocolate Chip Magic Bars

© Fredrika Stjärne

Smoky bacon in the filling takes these dessert bars over-the-top.

4. Dulce de Leche Napoleons

Crisp phyllo triangles are filled with warm caramel.

5. Dulce de Leche Bread Pudding

Five ingredients are all you need for this speedy dessert.

6. Dulce de Leche Crêpes

"We Argentinians have a very sweet tooth," says chef Francis Mallmann, who fills crêpes with the Latin caramel sauce and tops them with whipped cream.

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7. Dunked Dulce de Leche Doughnuts

These fantastic gluten-free doughnuts are made with light brown sugar and dulce de leche, a sweet, caramelized milk, which doubles as a delicious glaze.


Dulce de leche flavors both these gluten-free doughnuts and their glaze.

8. Banoffee Pie

Kamran Siddiqi

This delicious cross between a banana and toffee pie is made with dulce de leche, bananas and a thin layer of chocolate.

9. Caramel-Apple Ice Cream

© Christina Holmes

Swirling caramelized apples with dulce de leche into vanilla ice cream makes an incredible dessert.