Bananas are for more than just loaf cake.

By Food & Wine
Updated June 29, 2017
© Con Poulos

We love classic banana bread, but it's not the only great dessert to make with bananas. From easy ice cream to over-the-top cream pie parfaits, here are seven amazing desserts to make the beloved fruit.

1. Banana Soufflés

These simple, airy soufflés are the perfect marriage of Puerto Rican ingredients and French technique.

2. Banana-Nutella S'Mores

Upgrade the campfire classic by adding sliced bananas.

3. Banana and Chocolate Cream Pie Parfaits

© Con Poulos

Pastry chef Michelle Karr-Ueoka layers eggless chocolate pudding with cinnamon-flavored graham cracker crumbs, ice cream, bananas and banana whipped cream.

4. Easy Banana Ice Cream with Milk Chocolate Chunks

This simple ice cream is a great way to use ripe bananas.

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5. Chocolate-Peanut-Butter-Banana Upside-Down Cake

© Burcu Avsar

Bananas top this amazing marble cake and caramelize on the bottom of the pan while baking.

6. Grilled Banana Splits with Coffee Ice Cream and Mocha Sauce

Pastry chef Johnny Iuzzini marinates bananas in rum, coats them with sugar and grills them until the outsides get hard and crackly.

7. Banana Pudding with Vanilla Wafer Crumble

Chef David Guas remembers this comforting creamy pudding from his childhood.

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Banana Cream Pie