You can do better than the store-bought kind.

By F&W Editors
Updated May 24, 2017
Sweet Potato Doughnuts
Credit: © Con Poulos

Celebrate National Doughnut Day with fluffy, homemade doughnuts. We doubt you'll have leftovers, but if you do, you can always throw them on the grill for an incredibly tender dessert.

1. Spiced Cake Doughnuts

Shake these warm doughnuts in a plastic bag filled with cinnamon sugar or a combination of unsweetened cocoa powder and granulated sugar.

2. Gluten-Free Powdered Cake Doughnuts

These light and fluffy doughnuts are completely gluten-free.

3. Vanilla Raised Doughnuts

Mint sugar is terrific with these delicately spiced doughnuts.

4. Molasses-Cinnamon Cake Doughnuts

What's the secret to non greasy homemade doughnuts? Keep the temperature of the cooking oil at 360°.

5. Sweet Potato Doughnuts

Sweet potato in the dough gives these doughnuts a lovely earthy flavor.