Shoppers Love These Versatile Lids So Much, They’re Buying Them Twice—Grab a Set at 50% Off

They have nearly 3,000 perfect reviews.

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7 Pack Silicone Lids

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Whether you’re steaming, microwaving, braising, or even just storing food, there is no shortage of kitchen tasks that require a lid. But in my experience, there always seems to be a shortage of lids. I don’t know who’s taking them (is it you?), but I always spend longer rummaging through my cabinets in search of the exact right lid than I do cooking.

If you feel the same — unless it really has been you that’s been taking my lids — there’s a solution. Right now a set of shopper-loved silicone universal lids are an impressive 50% off at Amazon.

7 Pack Silicone Lids


To buy: Daxiongmao 7-Pack Silicone Lids, $14 (originally $28) at

These Daxiongmao Silicone Lids are pretty simple in their design, but they get the job done. Each pack comes with seven lids, ranging five different sizes in total. The smallest will cover a coffee mug, while the largest is great for covering your biggest mixing bowl or frying pan. 

Beyond different sizes, they all have built-in handles to keep you from burning your hands, as well as a hook ring to make them easy to store away and stay organized. To use them, all you have to do is gently place them on whatever you want to cover and press down. The lids will create an air-tight suction seal, to prevent spills. 

Don’t believe it? Nearly 3,000 Amazon shoppers swear by them thanks to how easy they are to clean, store, and find.  One shopper writes, “They nicely withstand heat, and have perfect suction power as long as they are covering the right size dishes. I like them so much, this last order was my third. And I will most definitely buy them again.”

Another adds that they wish there were more of the green size since that is their favorite, and they’re planning on purchasing more as a result. They continue to say, “They wash up nicely in the top rack [of the] dishwasher, and do a better job than the paper plates as microwave splatter guard because they are slightly heavier.”

With these simple tools, you’ll never waste time looking for the right sized lid again. Grab a set for just $14 at Amazon today.

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