This Pan Is Just What You Need to Make the Coronation Quiche, and It's Only $10 at Amazon

Celebrate the coronation with King Charles’ official recipe.

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A freshly made quiche

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For 70 years, Queen Elizabeth II reigned over England, but on May 6, 2023 a new monarch is taking over — her son, now known as Charles III. And to celebrate the occasion the soon-to-be King ordained an official coronation recipe for quiche lorraine.

This historic occasion has attracted attention from Americans too (many more of whom have been closely following the royal family since Meghan Markle joined). A great way to take part in the festivities is by baking King Charles’ quiche, perhaps for the coronation watch party you’re planning to host. But first, you’re going to need the perfect pan — and this one with more than 3,000 perfect ratings is only $10 on Amazon.

Wilton Excelle Elite Non-Stick Tart and Quiche Pan with Removable Bottom


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According to the British royal family’s official Twitter account, the King and Queen Consort (his wife Camila) released the recipe in honor of the Coronation Big Lunch, from May 6 to 8. During this time, communities all over the United Kingdom are encouraged to host block parties (or even just a cup of tea with a neighbor) celebrating the coronation where tea, drinks, and food will be served — including this quiche. 

Whether you want to host a Coronation Big Lunch in your neighborhood, or are planning a more lowkey celebration at home, this spinach and tarragon-flecked quiche is a crowd pleaser (“Great British Baking Showhost Prue Leith called it “really good”). 

One of the most important aspects of great quiche is a flakey, firm — never soggy — crust with a crimped edge. And to get that, you need this pan. It’s 9-inches in diameter, the perfect shareable size, with a scalloped design. It’s nonstick, so no pieces of your crust get stuck to pan. And, crucially, the bottom is removable, so you can seamlessly remove it from the pan for serving with no damage to the crust or filling. 

This pan has earned so much praise thanks to the fact that it’s sturdy and easy to wipe clean. One reviewer thinks that this quiche pan is the same quality as those sold by a more expensive retailer, writing that it “makes a fantastic fluted crust while baking evenly,” and that it’s “a must for perfect sized, tasty brunch quiches.”  

“My quiche slid out with no damage to the crust,” wrote another reviewer who reported seeing the same quality product sold for as much as $40 at “speciality kitchen stores.”

Quiche is the ideal brunch dish any time of year — not just during the coronation. For just $10, this quiche pan is a great deal, and you’ll use it throughout King Charles’ reign. 

At the time of publishing, the price was $10. 

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