Looking for a Last-Minute Gift? Oprah’s Favorite Wine Preservation System Is $100 Off at Nordstrom Right Now

Make that next bottle last even longer.

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Timeless Six Plus Wine Preservation System CORAVIN


Sometimes, and I mean sometimes, you don’t want to drink a whole bottle of wine. In theory, you could put the cork back in (or screw the top back on) but that won’t really keep the contents from spoiling. Instead, professionals all over the world have turned to this device to help keep the delicate flavor of their wines for up to two weeks after opening. 

This did enough to turn Oprah Winfrey’s head, as she added The Coravin Wine Preservation System to her Favorite Things List for 2022. It’s worth adding to your list this year, too. Especially since Nordstrom is taking almost $100 off the system just in time for you to snap it up.

Timeless Six Plus Wine Preservation System CORAVIN


To buy: Coravin Timeless Six Plus Wine Preservation System, $230 (originally $329) at nordstrom.com

Here’s how it works: A small needle attached to the device threads through the cork, and helps you extract wine from the bottle without breaking the seal. This means that once you “Coravin'' a bottle (it’s a verb, now), it will retain its rich and subtle flavors for up to two weeks. When you’re done with a glass (or two), you can remove the Coravin from the bottle, and the cork will reseal itself, preserving all of the flavors inside. 

This set includes the main preservation system, along with an aerator, three capsules of argon gas to fuel the system, six screw caps to put on bottles that don’t have corks, your bottle if you’d like, and a nice little case to keep things organized on your bar cart. 

Winfrey added this Coravin to her list because of its ability to open a bottle of wine without removing the cork, and all of the accessories it comes with. But she isn’t the only fan. It was also named Food & Wine’s best long-term wine stopper thanks to its ability to keep bottles of wine from being affected by oxygen. Beverage Director Scott Taylor of Harris' Restaurant in San Francisco said that “for those who don’t mind modern gadgets and prefer to preserve nicer bottles of wine, it’s worth every penny.” 

If you have a wine lover on your list, this is the perfect gift for them. And because Nordstrom is taking $100 off and guaranteeing it will arrive before Christmas, this deal is too good to pass up.

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