Woks are one of those items everyone should have in their kitchen—this Chinese vessel can be used for stir-frying, steaming, deep-frying, poaching and smoking. Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten even has the know-how for frying a whole chicken in a wok, so it gets perfectly crispy on the outside. The key to cooking with a wok is a lot of controlled, high heat, using grapeseed or peanut oil—olive oil can't stand up to high heat levels, so these are better. Woks are also great for cooking vegetables without a lot of oil, while still getting a crisp, charred flavor. Andrew Zimmern's recipe for asparagus in black bean sauce has a hint of heat, and makes a truly tasty side dish. Whether you're tired of take-out or want to be a fried rice master, F&W's guide to wok cooking has all the tips and tricks you need.