Sautéed and served alone, chicken livers can be polarizing. But pureed into a creamy pâté with butter and seasonings, they’re undeniably delicious—even if you are squeamish about offal.

By F&W Editors
Updated June 19, 2017

Here, seven incredible chicken liver pâtés are a breeze to whip up ahead of time for perfect holiday party hors d’oeuvres.

1. Chicken Liver Pâté with Pistachios

This buttery, earthy pâté can be spread on crostini, stuffed into Cognac-poached prunes, or even shaped into small balls and deep-fried with sage leaves.

2. Chicken-Liver-Pâté Toasts

This pâté gets extra flavor from anchovies and Marsala. Crème fraîche makes it incredibly silky.

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3. Schmaltzy Pâté

Schmaltz (rendered chicken fat) gives this pâté its incredible richness.

4. Chicken Liver Pâté with Green Peppercorns

Credit: © Con Poulos

The richness of this silky pâté is balanced by tart green peppercorns. It's even better made a day ahead.

5. Chicken-Liver Toasts with Shallot Jam

Chefs Vinny Dotolo and Jon Shook spent a month perfecting their creamy chicken-liver mousse, topped with a jam of sweet sautéed shallots and balsamic vinegar.

6. Chicken-Liver Mousse with Pickled Red Onion

Credit: © John Kernick

This mousse is supremely light, with a lovely hint of apple from Calvados.

7. Chicken-Liver Crostini

This is a simple, classic Florentine chicken-liver pâté, which can be prepared in a coarse or smooth style.