Here are today's best bargains on kitchen gadgets (and tools for eating and drinking) we found online today.

By Danica Lo
Updated May 24, 2017
Kitchen tools and gadgets
masaltof / Getty Images

Love a freshly-popped bowl of popcorn with your Friday night movie at home? Here's an easy way to pop corn from loose kernels. Just place as much popcorn as you like into this Mr. & Mrs. Kitchen Silicone Popcorn Maker

. It's totally BPA-free and is a great tool to help you make a healthy, preservative-free snack. Plus, it's a total steal at $10 today.

Do you love the ease of non-stick silicone baking trays, but miss the solid handling of metal? Check out this Silicone Muffin Pan With Steel Frame

, which will help you bake up and shake out 12 muffins, BPA-free! It's on sale today for $15.99, marked down from $29.97.

Looking for a snazzy new set of glasses to jazz up wine time? How about these very sleek stainless steel stemless glasses from Counter Aid

? They old 18 oz. of wine each (wow) and are totally shatterproof—which is good news if you're having guests over.

Feeding a large group and wishing you had a buffet set-up? Here's a great Greenco Inflatable Buffet and Salad Serving Bar

, that'll come in handy for items that need to stay cool—especially when dining outdoors this summer.

Inflatable buffet

Here's a great gift for anyone on your list—mom, aunt, grandma, or even a new grad looking to stock their kitchen with useful, practical appliances. The Proctor Silex Modern Toaster Oven

can toast, bake, or broil, fits a 9" pizza, and is on sale today for $26.76.

For all those times when you've wanted or needed a nutcracker, but haven't had one handy, now is the time to stock up. This highly-rated Estilo Heavy Duty Pecan, Nut and Seafood Cracker

is on sale today for $5—marked down 66 percent from $14.99!

Just in time for the Star Wars Day (May 4th), here's a pizza cutter that also doubles as a lightsaber (OK, it's not really a lightsaber, but it sure looks like one). The Underground Toys Star Wars Home Kitchen Pizza Cutter Lightsaber

is on sale today for $10.94 (down from $17.99) and will thrill any Star Wars fan in your life.

So handy for roasting (think: all the parties you'll be throwing this summer and fall!), this Betty Crocker Expandable Roasting Rack

is on sale today for $8.99 (down from $12).

We love limes in everything all year round—think: guacamole and margaritas, yum—and now you can score a fantastic lime squeezer at a killer price. This 4ucycling Professional Chef Lime Squeezer and Lemon Press

is heavy-duty and on sale for $7.99 (down from $25.99).

Here's something that's sure to please the whiskey aficionado in your life: these Amzdeal Whiskey Stones Reusable Wine Ice Cubes

can cool a drink without watering it down. This set of eight is on sale today for $12.99 (down from $16.99).

I think we can all agree in this day and age that use-and-toss disposable single-use plastic bottles aren't great for the environment. This summer, consider filling one of these for the road instead: this Winterial 64 Oz Insulated Water Bottle Wide Mouth Beer Growler

, which is reusable and holds plenty of water for the whole family. It's marked down to $34.99 today (from $59.99).